Dreaming in Digital

Brief highlights from Session 1

with the first run not quite in the books

There’s a hurricane barreling in towards the city, so there’s no real time for an extensive post-game wrap. However, I did want to record some of the fantastically memorable moments from the game.

The team’s rigger, Madalynn “Ghost” Hughes, suffered too much feedback from a firefight and went unconscious. The team had to abandon their getaway and take to the alleys. The wealthy Sirene called for a car to meet them. Unbeknownst to the team, Ghost has a DocWagon contract. When the car met the team for the pickup, an armored DocWagon truck slammed into the back of the sedan, sending it several car lengths down the block. The armed extraction team snatched Ghost before anyone could protest and left before anyone knew what the hell was going on. The poor, unsuspecting driver of the sedan exited the car, stunned and befuddled. Kaitō approached him, shook his hand and declared, “Congratulations. You’ve just been DocWagoned.”

When questioning a down-on-his-luck dive bar owner about the contents of a disk containing the team’s coveted paydata, Sirene asked her spirit compantion Agrippa to assense the man’s aura and see if he was being truthful. “Doesn’t look like he’s hiding anything to me. Also, he has herpes.”

As the team scurried through dank alleys in between buildings as they fled the scene of a shootout, a Knight Errant rotodrone tailed the group and kept a spotlight and a camera on them. Eight Bit got bold and declared he would hack the drone. After rolling all successes on an Edged hacking roll, the drone confused his exploit account for a genuine KE officer’s account. Over the loudspeaker, its repetitious warning changed to a friendly tone. “Good morning, officer P?@W3d0a(&*&^. What would you like me to do?”

Eight Bit, a little shocked, replied, “Return to base.”

“Roger that, sir. Thank you for your service today.”

As the rotodrone spun off into the distance, the team stared at it, stunned. Kaitō turned to his hacker’s AR icon. “…Did that just happen?”




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