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Characters finalize

Arc ideas begin to form around the PCs

Diligent work on characters continues by all players. Stats and 20 questions are pretty much done all around the board. At this stage, players are fleshing out contacts—bios, descriptions, relationships, and the ever-entertaining hunt for decent pictures. Players who have done as much as they can add more flavor to the game by further fleshing out their contacts, their enemies and backup characters with full stats. We haven’t started playing yet, and there’s a lot of content for this game already. One of my primary goals for any GM/storytelling role is immersion. A large part of that is breathing life into all the characters the PCs interact with. So far, the players have created this immersion for themselves. Collective storytelling is really something to behold.

Our cast hasn’t changed, but we’ve picked up a new player to help round out the group in case anyone is missing on any particular day. I like to keep my PC groups at 4 players normally, but life happens and as often happens, someone can’t show up. So, in the interest of maintaining game continuity, I’ve invited one more. She’s in the middle of moving so she won’t have a character concepted for a little while, but I don’t think that will take much longer. And hopefully it won’t hinder the plans for the game, which are beginning to percolate in the back of my mind.

The themes of transhumanism and distorted reality will still play a prominent role in the ongoing story being told. All stories need an antagonist, though, and that’s something I was hoping the players would help me define. With the first four characters basically done, I how have that idea starting for form. In any given Shadowrun game, the PCs are “deniable assets”, fire-and-forget covert ops for corporations and other powerful agencies to use against one another. In our group, two characters have a strong motivation to oppose corporate power written into their backgrounds, while a third is naturally a good-hearted person who would look after the small people of the world anyway. With those motivations in play, I may turn this group into a more altruistic team, one who takes jobs as much for the money as for the idea of helping push back against corporate power.

From here, I get to start figuring out larger arcs, and then I can begin planning out individual runs. Hopefully, maybe on the other side of GenCon, we’ll get this thing rolling.



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Characters finalize

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