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Characters Form

Player interest spawns interesting concepts

Two weeks since the inception of the game and corresponding invitations were sent out, the four assembled players have delved deeply into chargen. Content is not lacking. The ideas are myriad and unique. Some are brand new; others are callbacks to previous campaigns and characters some of us can’t quite let go of. Sometimes a concept grabs you and sticks with you, and there’s no shaking it.

Nathan was first. His is a new take with a new background on a previous concept—a Dronomancer. In the world of Technomancy, there are what are called “Resonance Streams”. They are roughly equivalent to Hermetic Traditions for mages. Each Stream has its own focus, its specific Sprites it can compile, and its own drain attribute. Dronomancers are Technomancers that have a specific connection to drones and the Sprites that they compile to inhabit them. Nathan’s focus on Sprite compiling and registering means he lacks hacking skills, which is okay. It’s a different twist on the core concept of what a Technomancer is, and that’s why I like it.

Chris settled on his character next. Though he hasn’t submitted 20 Questions or a sheet yet, in a way he doesn’t have to. I know his character well, because I built it myself. Sirene was originally just an experiment in building a social Adept and applying SR4’s exhaustive list of social-related adept powers to the classic Shadowrun Rocker archetype. Rockers were the original Faces. Sirene’s blend of old-school charm and SR4’s deep exploration of the Adept concept makes her stand out. I gave her to Chris in our previous campaign where we were both players. He didn’t get much of a chance to flesh her out as the game ended soon after, so I’m really glad to see him breathe new life into her.

Eric is new to Shadowrun but in the last week he’s been stricken with the same fever Nathan and I have had for years. The system’s immersive flavor and deep granularity is addicting for micromanagers like us. He’s gone through at least half a dozen character concepts, though the one he’s settled on is a solid pick. The infiltration specialist is a valuable addition to any team, but I’m especially fond of any build done with an Adept. He’s chosen the Invisible Way for a ninja-esque blend stealth and unarmed combat. He’s also got a corp background, which makes for great GM tools when it comes to constructing adversaries for the Shadowrunners.

Andrew’s the straggler in the group, but understandably so. I invited him while he was moving out of state. When I mentioned running Shadowrun he expressed both great affection for the setting and great disappointment that he wouldn’t be around to play. So, I’m going to try to solve that problem. SR4 includes two solid options for tele-play: the AI and the Full Immersion lifestyle. He’s gone with the second. His 20 questions are finished, and his concept is out of the box for a full immersion character. The easiest way to involve a tele-character is to make him a hacker. I encouraged him to think out of the box, though, and he did. His concept is a well-networked man, sort of a Fixer but on the Runner side of things. So he’ll be a social character, but not necessarily the charismatic face, like Sirene. It’ll be a challenge to incorporate him into the game nonetheless, but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.




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