Dreaming in Digital


an idea begins to form

The one truth I cannot refute is that I love to tell a story.

Many years ago, I had hung up my GM hat. After being ever the gamemaster and never the player for near the entirety of my teens and twenties, I’d decided that I wanted to play. GMing properly was hard work- map preparations, authoring background fiction, developing deep NPCs with motives, creating baddies with proper challenges and more were time-consuming to say the least. At some point I simply decided that the effort put into the game did not equal the payout I received. So, for the last 8 years or so, I was either a player or, more commonly, I simply didn’t have a game at all.

The eruption of gaming in the local community in the last year (thanks to new life being breathed into the local community by two good gaming stores) brought lots of new opportunities for me to participate in regular roleplaying. One of my groups hit a stumble soon after initiating its regular game, and the group’s GM handed me the Fireborn book with a not-so-subtle suggestion that I try my hand at GMing while the group went through its tribulations.

Since then, I’ve rediscovered my affection for telling a story. Now, much older and more mature, I’m hoping to take up the reins again as a full-time GM with one of my favorite settings, Shadowrun. Assembling the group and getting some character concepts set is step 1. Step 2 will be crafting a campaign setting around them, based on their input. Instead of winging it, as I used to do in my GMing days of old, this time I plan to have a long-term goal of creating a setting and fleshing its details out fully before starting a game. The more preparation I can do in one block months ahead of time, the less time I’ll have to spend week to week getting each game done on the fly.

What I hope to create, with not only my developed sensibilities but with all the digital tools available to me in today’s information age, is an immersive and emotionally significant experience for a core group of passionate players.




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