Dreaming in Digital

On the Eve of Genesis

after a month of prep, the game is nearly ready

Despite hectic work schedules, conventions and home repair disasters, Dreaming in Digital is on schedule to being its first session tomorrow. I can’t speak for any of the PCs but I’m ready to blow this thing away. We’ve polished characters, injected more content and brought in more tools to help this game get started on the right foot.

Our cast is,
Eight Bit- a fully-VR, well-connected hacker.
Ghost- a drone rigger with a unique history.
Kaito- former corpsec specialist turned runner after Crash 2.0.
Nabukii- an unpredictable elven mage.
Sirene- the charismatic and influential dryad rocker.

Even though I’ve created concepts for no less than eight run ideas, I’ve decided to start with a pre-made Shadowrun adventure. Only Ghost and Sirene’s players are experienced SR4a players and I’ve never run SR4a myself, so starting with something tried and proven seems like a sound idea. It’s On the Run, as described there in the link. Its big hook involves Goblin Rock, which Sirene in particular will have a unique interest in. With the serendipitous coincidence between the hook and one of my PCs, I just couldn’t pass it up.

In the downtime before the game I’ve also gotten to know Roll20 fairly well. It’s got enough mapmaking tools to allow me to use the maps in the adventure without having to go to a printing press or do cartwheels in Adobe CS to make it usable online. It’s got a built-in video conferencing feature, which lets Eight Bit connect from afar without having to loop in a second software product.

A trip to GenCon last week allowed me to land some sweet Shadowrun swag to use for the game. A series of adventures they use at the convention (collectively known as Elven Blood), full-color flash cards with vehicles, drones and weapons, some awesome Shadowrun dice (d6 with the S logo on the six face) and my personal favorite, a DocWagon t-shirt.

My major snag so far has been a home repair disaster. My house’s main AC unit decided to dump a few dozen gallons of water into the wall and onto the floor, so my game room is trashed for the moment. A last minute change of venue to Kaitō‘s player’s apartment solves that though.

I’ve still got a few notes to take today before the big splash tomorrow, but, with a portable AC going behind me I can get it done. Assuming I don’t get sucked into MineCraft or Mass Effect 3 in the interim.




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