A hacker who knows her way around the Matrix


Dancer appears to be in her early 20s, long straight black hair and slim build. Can usually be found in sturdy jeans, long sleeved shirt and light leather jacket. She keeps her Predator 5 tucked into a shoulder holster and her modded cyberdeck in a custom holster on her hip. She has small * tattoos marked upon her temples.

Her Matrix Icon is that of a woman in dancing tights with a thick mane of dark hair that floats about hear head. It starts out black the slowly changes to white as it fades out around her into the Matrix in general.


Dancer has some of the basic skills of a rigger but her true specialty is hacking the Matrix, she can weave code as though she were born in it. A quiet girl, doesn’t talk much and when she does half the time she responds via commlink she is none the less a very easy going person to get to know and get along with.


Dreaming in Digital Miri