Dominus Arcana

Weasel's Mage Group


Dominus Arcana is a group of mages on whom Weasel relies for rituals and spell practice. There are five other members, each specializing in their own area of magic, and one is generally free to help more often than not, given that several of them are from more wealthy families and do not have to work. None of them are associated with shadowrunners outside of Weasel, and are all known by their real names.

Genevieve is Weasel’s younger sister, and his only family member who knows what her gets up to in his spare time. She focuses on conjuration.

Jeanelly is the more logical mind of the group, the one who helps the others develop and hone their skills. Her focus is on healing magic; she gets to use it quite often when Weasel one of the group injures themselves while trying far too advanced spells or rituals.

James is Weasel’s closest friend, who also specializes in combat magic. James just might be slightly better at it.

Franklin is newest member of their group, and was a schoolmate of Weasel’s. He’s a bit clumsy and isn’t as adept with magic as the rest of the group, but his specialization in detection makes him worthwhile.

Livana is a master of illusion, and tends to be extremely spacey and not all there. Asking her for help is a bit hit or miss, depending on whether or not she pays attention long enough.


Dominus Arcana

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