Street Shark Mafioso


“The subject is short by human standards but taller than most pumilionis, perhaps due to the effects of his extensive SuRGE mutations. He lacks body hair and is covered head to toe in a bilateral color pattern, off-white anterior and sky blue posterior. His most obvious mutation is his head, which has completely taken the form almost identical to a member of the lamnidae family. His clothing consists of dark blue and black form-fitting clothing, not unlike a heavy surf suit. Editor’s opinion is that this probably facilitates a dual aquatic/terrestrial lifestyle, allowing the subject to quickly move from one environ to the other without having to constantly change clothes. This wetsuit also includes webbing between the toes, certainly to aid in underwater movement. Though it is strapped closely to his side in a holster set into the mould of his wetsuit, he is clearly armed. He wears a silver chain with a Christian cross pendant hanging just beneath the neckline. When his arm was exposed during a previous question, a black anchor tattoo was visible on his left shoulder, marking him as an accomplished crewman on a commercial vessel.”

- Sofia Zapatero, RPN News, interview notes 23 April, 2073


“I applied at MIT but there weren’t any openings in the Disadvantaged Students program for dwarves with aggressive cases of ichthycephaly. Weren’t a lot of openings at the Stuffer Shack either when they think you’re going to eat the whole damned store. So, you know, I did what any reasonable shark-man would do in the same situation—I fell in with the mob. First just collecting debts and the usual kind of stuff having a mouth full of daggers is good for, but I managed to show those mickey goons how to use a damned ‘link, and it wasn’t long before I was forging credsticks and selling adware to blackhats. But there’s only so much for a guy to do in that racket, so I started ‘expanding my entrepreneurial horizons.’ Seems there’s a niche in the deniable asset market for dudes who can breathe underwater.”

- excerpt from RPN interview, 23 April 2073


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