Fr. Keane Kavanagh

Elven priest on Boston's waterside


Though he appears some 40 years of age, Father Kavanagh’s real age is unknown. He is a kind-faced man with dusty hair and clear blue eyes. His slight build is framed by the typical Catholic priest’s attire of a black suit and white collar.


Kavanagh was originally a Tir elf. The reasons for his expulsion from paradise are unknown, but it doesn’t take much to surmise it was a conflict of faith and culture. He is a devoted shepherd of his flock, spending much of his time out of sermon among the poorer in the community attempting to alleviate the cycle of poverty. In manner he is kind, if not of infinite patience. He is soft-spoken but strong-willed and does not hesitate to offer his opinion.

Fr. Keane Kavanagh

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