Madalynn "Ghost" Hughes

A young rigger with an old soul.


Five foot three inches, slender, almost skeletal build like she hasn’t been doing any exercise for most of her life. Clear green eyes, long dark hair usually held back by a hair band.

In the Matrix her personal icon is that of a semitransparent woman wearing a white tights with long black hair and wire leads that are attached to her spine floating in the air behind her. The few who recognize this icon know that she has been around for a very long time but there is very little information out there about her. The icon most people see is that of a young woman with multicolored hair who has a multitude of dancing pixies chaotically swirling about her.


Ghost has spent entirely too much time in the Matrix and sometimes has trouble distinguishing between the two. Holding conversations with someone via commlink while they are sitting next to her is a regular occurance. No one has any idea what she did for a living before she took to the shadows but now she lists among her skills as those of a Rigger, someone who deals with drones. With her trusty two Agents GLaDOS and HAL she can provide discrete security or surveillance.

Madalynn "Ghost" Hughes

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