A seemingly teenage German-American woman with invisible friends.


She may not appear a day over 15, but she carries herself in social circles that clearly belie her real age. Her deceptively young looks combine with the cascade of bright yellow curls that spill down her shoulders to earn her shadow name, Goldilocks. Her dress is normally fashionable, if comfortable, and only further blurs the lines of her age to set strangers ill at ease.


In the shadows, Goldilocks is fairly well known as a shaman of old Germanic folklore. She is a totemic — a medium of spirits, channeling the otherworldly to inhabit her earthbound form. Through her, and with them, she becomes a magically-fueled engine of destruction spilling savagery into the mortal realm from beyond the veil. She isn’t a mage, exactly. She is a berserkr. Don’t ask for spells from this tiny package of crazy. Only point her towards what needs to be torn down and her spectral companions will be more than happy to oblige.


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