Hiroko Takayama

Tattooed Female Yakuza Underboss


Hiroko is a striking Japanese woman in her late 20s, with honey-colored hair and piercing grey eyes. She stands at just under 1.6m, and is quite slender; no more than 50 kilos at the most. Visible only sporadically under her clothes is what one can only assume is a full-body tattoo, stereotypical of Yakuza-types.


Hiroko Takayama is a mid-level member of the Yamaguchi-gumi yakuza organization. Originally from Japan, Hiroko came to Seattle at the crest of a wave of immigrants, propelled by the newfound power of the Japanese Imperial State via San Francisco. Her parents moved to the occupied city a few years after the Japanese invasion, along with several dozen other Yakuza families hoping to capitalize on a largely destabilized city. However, this soil turned out less fertile for the families’ interests than they’d first hoped, and so they whole group once again picked up stakes and moved to the UCAS enclave of Seattle.

It was here that Hiroko came into her own. By 17, she was working numbers with her father for the organization; at 20, she replaced him. By 24, she was leading her own cell of bookies, card-sharks, and joygirls, and looking to expand into new territory. Enter, the Phantom.

Hiroko met the shadowrunner now known as “Kaitō” in 2067 after he had a job go bad with a Mega. He was desperate, and had a skillset that dovetailed nicely with a new game she had wanted to get into for a long time: surveillance and information brokering.

Hiroko Takayama

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