Hiruko Hitsugi

Heiress to an ancient Yakuza Bloodline


Hiruko was born into the kind of life most people only dream of…the princess of an important Yakuza family with all the right connections, hers was truly a life of sweet simplicity, secure in the certainty that her father and later her brother would ensure the family never had occasion to want for anything.

Or at least that was how things were supposed to have happened….During Hiruko’s first year at college, her childhood love was transformed into some kind of horned troll and her brother was assassinated by Chinese thugs. Hiruko’s dream world had become a nightmare overnight and with her father rapidly descending into senility, the task of holding the family together fell solidly on Hiruko’s tiny but capable shoulders.

Quick of wits, quicker with a blade, and absolutely deadly with the mono-filament whip embedded in her left ring finger, Hiruko wasted no time in making a name for herself within the Yakuza and masterminding the systematic extermination of the Triad mage-gangs that tore apart her life.

Now older and (slightly) more restrained, Hiruko is infamous for her ruthless, pragmatic approach to destroying any and all who might threaten the Yakuza’s power in Seattle and the surrounding regions.

Hiruko Hitsugi

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