Kathryn Imelmann

Eight Bit's human bodyguard and seneschal.


On the tall side for a human female, Kathryn has dark eyes and very fair skin, with dark hair that’s kept in a longish mohawk.
Location: Generally about six feet from Eight Bit


A childhood friend of Eight Bit’s, Kathryn has always looked out for him and for most of high-school they were actually a couple even if they did normally run in different crowds. Eight Bit liked to be seen and known while Kathryn preferred to be left alone or to spend time practicing for whatever outdoor sport was her favorite of the month. Eight Bit always tried to make sure she had a way into any social event or get-together that he could even if she rarely attended with him. In order to fund her education she went into service with one of the military support corps. a choice that Eight Bit strongly disapproved of but knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop. Several years later, Kathryn got out of the military just as Eight Bit was taking his spot in the HR branch of the new GermanCorp, and he talked his boss into approving her as his body guard a favor that Jessica was both thankful and resentful for. When the short and vicious Corp War with S-K occurred she convinced Eight Bit that he needed to get out fast, but as they were making their break for safety an S-K squad ambushed them and Eight Bit took a round through the spine, leaving him paralyzed a fact that Kathryn constantly blames herself for. Now, she spends most her time standing guard over his VR unit; protecting him from any follow up attacks and running his household for him.

Kathryn Imelmann

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