Jimmy "Legs" Haltsad

King of the Boston Dock Rats


Haltsad’s unusually tall frame and awkward gait earned him the name “Legs” among the dockworkers of Boston. His face is worn from long hours in the sun and his facial hair is considerable. On the dock he dons his strength-enhancing safety harness. Off the clock he is often in mismatched wool longclothes and puffing away on a pipe.


“Why work hard when you can work smart” is Haltsad’s motto. His talent for smart work practices and logistical efficiency helped him move into a supervisory role on Boston’s docks. He’s well respected for his fair treatment of workers and advocacy for labor rights. He’s no firebrand, but what few words he does manage carry a lot of weight with the other dock rats.

Jimmy "Legs" Haltsad

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