Ghost's unwelcome AI guest.


The node in Ghost’s flat has attracted an enigmatic emergent sapient—an AI. Despite all of Ghost’s efforts to the contrary, the AI insists on making Ghost’s corner of the Matrix its home node.


Since becoming self-aware, the AI has referred to itself as “Kumiko”, which it spells out with various alternate characters, perhaps as an expression of its digital origins. The AI prefers to appear as a young Japanese woman, dressed in traditional kimono and clogs but with details of the Matrix age on the fringes, particularly with oversized, stylish headphones.

Attempts to converse with the AI have thus far only elicited confusion. The AI itself seems reserved, and at times downright unsociable. When it does choose to respond to communication, its answers are enigmatic and nonsensical. Hackers and Technomancers familiar with Ghost have invested great interest in the AI, and it has become a curiosity for the privileged few who have met it. So far, no one seems to know its programming origins or what its motivations or desires might be.

On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to trace through the Matrix. If it decides it wants to be left alone, it will disappear from the datastream in short order.


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