A goblinized Yakuza button man with a grudge


Lug is a Troll’s Troll, 9’1", covered and tattoos and ugly as the 80 sins of Sessamekesh. He is shaved bald and tattooed over 80% of his body. His head and face have a spiderweb across them and there are words of protection from magic everywhere across his skin. He generally finds it difficult to find clothes that fit so he wears the same pair of fatigues and the same armored trench coat just about everywhere he goes. Altogether, he is a huge monster with a sword and bow strapped across his back and a quiver at his side. He doesn’t try to hide who he is or what he does. really, what else do 9’1" trolls covered in tattoos do on the city streets?


In 2002 Lug’s grandmother Tomiko became pregnant with the child of an American sailor stationed near her home in Okinawa, Japan. Defying her parent’s order to abort the illegitimate foreign child, she eloped with her lover and after his term of service, they returned home to his hometown a little ways outside of Seattle. They had a simple but happy life there until one day, when her daughter was four, Tomiko’s husband was killed.
With no income of her own and having been disowned by her parents, Tomiko moved into Seattle’s little Tokyo area and worked tirelessly to earn enough to feed get daughter. Bring a pretty woman, she soon earned the attentions of an immigrant shopkeeper and they were married in 2008.
At first things were good and it looked like life would regain some normalcy, however Tomiko soon discovered her new husband was heavily indebted to the local Korean protection gangs. They worked tirelessly to succeed but it seemed like everything they did and every dime they earned went to pay off the ever growing mafia influences.
Then, seemingly overnight, two things happened that changed things forever. First, the Yakuza gangs pushed back against the Koreans and retook our neighborhood. Things got a bit better for the Japanese but a few folks began to remember that Tomiko’s daughter Aimi was not full-blooded Japanese…Tomiko and her husband still had to pay some protection money, but with their debts to the Koreans cleared, they were able to save enough to send mom to community college. That’s where she met Lug’s father Jimmy, the American born Japanese professor of her magic theory class. They were married in 2028 and by 2032 after two miscarriages, Lug was finally born with the name Tokashi Shiro.
By the time Tokashi was old enough to begin remembering much, his father was never really home much and even when he was he never seemed to have time for anything but his damned occult experiments…Tokashi never knew what his mother saw in that bastard but whatever it was it seemed to have vanished completely before he was old enough to remember. Jimmy spent all of his time and all of the family savings (not to mention exhorbant debts) on his insane addiction to magic.
By the time he slaughtered Aimi in a fiery inferno, everyone in our neighborhood was terrified of the man. The police came to arrest him but he had simply vanished and could not be found….or so it was said.
The evening of the funeral, the father of Tokashi’s classmate, Hiruko Hitsugi came over to our house. He said that since the 13 yr old Tokashi was left without a family that it was decided that he would move in with the Hitsugis until he was old enough to work. Hiruko’s father that trained Tokashi in Karate and swordplay…he taught Tokashi how to hone both his body and the my mind into a weapon, and he taught him how to use that weapon to hunt down his father and other hermetic mages like him…and it was Hiruko’s father who taught Tokashi that nothing matters more than ones debt to their family and that the Yakuza was now his only remaining family.
Over the course of those years, Tokashi and Hiruko Hitsugi began to fall in love. Tokashi began to impress everyone with his unparalleled focus and combat abilities and Hiruko’s father was a patient father, willing to overlook a young love, impossible as this one was, to make his darling princess happy. However, after the two parted ways for Hiruko to head to college, fate decided they would never again meet as equals. Between Tokashi’s transformation into a freakish troll and the death of Hiruko’s older brother catapulting her into a world of unimaginable filial responsibility, that chapter of their lives was through forever. Tokashi used his skills and new-found size to secure a shaky position as a Yazuka thug, while Hiruko moved up the ranks of the Seattle Yakuza with speed, skill, and ruthless efficiency.
With regards to his mutation, in Lug’s own words, “I was a flawed specimen long before my father’s curse changed me into this hideous demon…however I will serve the Hitsugi’s and their Yakuza bretheren until my last breath. The gift of vengence that Hiruko’s father gave me on my 18th birthday….the look on that bastards face as my nodachi tore through his spinal column, no amount of service on my part can ever repay that single glorious gift. I served the Hitsugi family as a human and I will serve them as the oni I have become.”


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