The organizer of Figh.....wait...I cant talk about it....rule #1


An absolute beast, even for an Ork. Marcus is middle-aged for his race, with silver hair pulled back into a stunted tail that reveals his receding hairline. His eyes are serious and stern, worn into cracked wrinkles from years of regular physical stress. When in street clothes, he is entirely average and inconspicuous, blending in with the foot traffic of the downtown Seattle streets.

Despite his size, Marcus is eloquent and intellectual and doesn’t hesitate to engage others in deep conversation. Perhaps his greatest advantage is those that underestimate his mind for seeing his race and physique first. Marcus has the presence of personality of a cult leader and the smarts to use it to his advantage.


Marcus is the charismatic leader of the adept initiation combat group, The Eight-Fold Path of Damnation, known as the “Fight Club” to outsiders. No one knows much about him, but he is a hulk of an Ork who makes a point of crushing any “unique snowflake” that comes into the Path half-cocked. It is rumored that he never sleeps.


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