University student with a talent for creating magically doo dads


Mari is originally from a smaller town in Salish-Shidhe. She came to study at university two years ago. She’s petite and a little scatter brained. The kind of person that always has 12 different ideas racing through their head at the same time.


Mari lives in the same building as Soapbox. They’re the same age and they’ve become friends. Mari has a talent for building really useful little magic tools or toys. She’s always tinkering with something. She will often zone out in the middle of a conversation and start working on a project. She’s usually willing to help out Soapbox with items she might need and doesn’t ask a lot of questions. Occasionally she requires different forms of payment; information, trinkets, or simply nuyuen. She doesn’t really like to go out into the world. She spends her time at the university or in her apartment, and that’s about it.


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