Team attempts a daring escape | gets high in the car


Flayer is a human male of average height and build with brown hair and blue eyes. He has tattoos covering both arms and his torso. These tattoos are of important arcane and personal significance to him. He is a magician of the Wiccan tradition skilled in illusions and spirit summoning.

Flayer was brought up on the streets, so sometimes street culture bleeds through in his talk and actions.

He likes to do Psyche on occassion, but it’s not a problem. he can stop at any time.


Mind Flayer used to run with a small gang of magically awakened teenagers called the Young Gods. When Flayer felt the pull of the shadows, the Gods didn’t exactly accept his resignation, so he had to fight his way out of the gang. To this day, whenever Flayer crosses paths with his old gang there’s usually trouble.

He doesn’t axactly have any love interests, but he feels the same sort of affection one would feel for a family member toward his fixer/talismonger Piper, who guided him through his first experiences with Wicca and gave him his first Athame.


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