Mr. Lo

The most slippery Tong in Downtown


Mr. Lo is a middle-aged man, slight in build but in good health. The silky black hair on his head and face show streaks of grey and are always perfectly groomed and shaped. He wears the traditional “pajamas” — silken button-up shirts and loose trousers — of his home province. He is exceedingly polite; his soft, diplomatic tone can calm all but those with the most hostile of intentions. His affection for chrysanthemum tea and jasmine tobacco often leave him smelling faintly like a flowering herb garden.


Mr. Lo nominally runs a maijiang parlor. Many of the “customers” are in fact Tong soldiers protecting Mr. Lo’s real business of trafficking illicit substances through Downtown Seattle for the Yellow Lotus triad. His significant power and influence in local affairs comes from his acute knowledge of which palms to grease, which favors to call, and which blackmail pieces to play at any given moment. Despite (and due to) his very approachable demeanor, he is a master manipulator. It doesn’t take long for him to plumb what a person desires or fears most. This gift has enabled Mr. Lo to build a network of government pawns and dirty cops as well as a throng of loyal Tong soldiers.

Mr. Lo

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