Ms. Johnson

An Asian-Amerindian Dwarf with a penchant for leather and chrome.


Most Johnsons only get seen once. This particular Johnson seems to pop up more often than usual for Kaito, Ghost and 8-Bit. A Dwarf of apparent mixed ancestry, she is usually dressed in slick black street leathers replete with chains, buttons and big zippers polished to a mirror sheen. A punky flat top allows her to show off her extensive facial piercings, which was once described as “having been blasted in the face with a shotgun loaded with barbells instead of buckshot”.

She’s fairly new to the Johnson trade, but then again, so too are the ‘Runners new to their careers. For whatever reason she’s comfortable with the group and comes across a little more chum than the average Johnson might treat the ‘Runners. A keen eye will note that her commlink and related gear are top-shelf, so chances are she’s no slouch in the Matrix.


Ms. Johnson

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