A retired Street Sam trying to pay down a bad, bad rep.


A stone-faced elf, he displays extremely fair skin and stark white hair. He is tall and angular, and seems to be in peak physical condition. Though he has no apparent chrome, his artificially smooth body motion suggests a physique riddled with augmentation.


The elven Sam known as Musashi is the living example of the phrase, “pride cometh before a fall”. Not long after showing up in the Seattle running scene, it didn’t take too many runs for him to raise a reputation for being hot-headed and extraordinarily violent. More than a few Johnsons who thought they might cross him have ended up found in several pieces.

As work began to dry up, Musashi began to exhibit symptoms of cyberpsychosis. Before he could slide too far, he met Sirene. Up to that point, there was no reaching Musashi past the facade of a killer. Sirene’s commanding personality pierced Musashi’s psychoses and delved deep into his troubled mind. In time, she saved him from certain self-destruction.

Even though he’s cleared his mind, he hasn’t cleared his name. He maintains his day job as one of the owners and operators of the Dark Star, an up-and-coming shadowrunner hangout in Everett. He arranges security for the club and helps out greenhorn runners, giving them tips of the trade—when they listen.


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