Owner of the hobby store Dancing Drones!!1one


A bright and bubbly woman, she runs the Dancing Drones!!1one store by herself.. if you discount the small army of assistant drones stocking the shelves and retrieving parts for customers.


RC is the girl to go to when you need a drone. On its face, Dancing Drones!!1one sells drone toys, from Bust-a-Moves and other autonomous toys to “rockem-sockem” type miniature battle drones and parts. If you know the right questions to ask, @RC can help the savvy shadowrunner secure more serious hardware from her hidden stash.

Anchoring the corner of a strip mall in Renton, Dancing Drones!!1one is more than a retail outlet. @RC secured “improvement” permissions from the landlord and greatly expanded the size of the basement that runs beneath the strip mall and its parking lot. She incorporated the existing piping and infrastructure of the area to create a dynamic drone arena, where she hosts regular organized tournaments for various drone enthusiast clubs. The second floor of the store is an all-purpose gaming lounge, complete with snack bar and comfy chairs along with an open node for patrons to watch the drone battles from the perspective of one of many eyebots that film the matches, or simply pass the time in VR during quiet hours.

@RC has to be careful to maintain the store’s facade as a genuine business and hobby store. She’s taken pains to grease the right palms to make sure not too many questions are asked about her more shadowy patrons.


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