An unassuming young woman with an unblinking eye.


The young woman known as Renostalgia on the streets isn’t the kind of face that makes any headlines. Attractive, but not memorable. Charming, but no cult of personality. Smart, but no genius. Her hair is kept short and usually partially colored. Her eye for fashion is impeccable and even on a run she manages to dress in just the right cut. Unlike most members of the Shadowrunner community, she is rarely seen with any gear. No big guns, blades, heavy armor, B&E tools, or magical goods. Just a trusty Savalette Guardian and a dutiful, retired Lone Star patrol drone for when the lead starts to fly.


Renostalgia is never lacking for the right words. She’s a true social chameleon, seemingly able to move in and out of most circles without stepping on any toes. While useful, it isn’t her graces that make her valuable to ‘runs, even though it’s a big help. It’s Renostalgia’s Sauron-esque powers of perception that have moved her name around the grapevine. It’s a rare thing to have a run get ambushed when Renostalgia casts her unerring gaze upon her teammates’ surroundings. The only trick, though, is which Reno will show up to the ’run – Charming Reno, Hyper Reno, or Sullen Reno. ’Runners looking to team with her are advised to take along an extra dose or two of albuterol.


Dreaming in Digital Renostalgia