A SuRGE-affected Ork "acquisitions specialist" in debt to bad people.


Slender, by Ork standards at least, Sanzoko appears to be of partially Asian decent. Aside from the usual tusks and sturdy physique, Sanzoko’s skin is an unusual hue of blue, and she has visible dermal deposits on her scalp. She never appears armed and wears only well-fitting street clothes.


Prejudice is a real problem in the Japanese imperial state. Sanzoko’s family learned this the hard way as one by one, almost every member of her family born human after 2020 goblinized into Orks. A third-generation Ork, Sanzoko grew up in the shadow of first-class human citizens. Instead of giving into despair, she learned how to steal to feed and clothe herself and her siblings. And more importantly, how to not get caught. Although that didn’t always work out.

By the time she reached adult age, she had enough of spending time in and out of jail, getting harassed by authorities and civilians alike, and of having no chance to escape poverty in Hokkaido. With no other options, she made a deal with the local Yakuza to smuggle her to Seattle. Once there, she would work off her debt for them.

Luckily for her, her blooming magical talent made her more valuable than being hustled as an indentured joygirl. She uses her talents of stealth and B&E, enhanced by magic, to pull heists for one of the Seattle underbosses. The arrangement allows her a good deal of freedom, but she must always be on call for her owners.


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