A dryad rocker with a bad case of boredom.


Sirene is a Dryad, 5’4 with a curvy body made for sin, she has long hair that tends to range in color from Green to purple. Hey eyes seem to be a rainbow and she has a smile to melt the hearts of others.


The Masked shadow runner has a way about her. Since she was born the shamans have predicted that she was special. So strong was this belief that her parents bound a spirit to watch over and protect her. Growing up her friendly nature always seemed to have a supernatural quality to it. Even those that swore they hated her found themselves attracted to her and doing her bidding once they were in proximity of her. When it came time she and Agrippa were sent out into the world to learn about it and find their place in it. Much to her surprise she found an entirely new world of sights, sounds, of music and technology and she fell in love. At first as she was on walkabout she sang to make Nuyen but it wasn’t long before Shifton Grey, agent to the stars, found out about her and offered her a contract.

Taking the name Zara Venus, She became a star in the Goblin Rock genre. she won awards and is a globally famous celebrity. She has fame, fortune, and a corner penthouse suite at The Harmony… but she found after a few years of it all she was getting bored. So, she adopted a mask and decided to go out and make a difference. By night Sirene prowls using her abilities as a Face to add in the fight against the corporations.


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