Idealistic student convinced she can fix the world


Soapbox is Salish-Shide elf from Vancouver. She’s tall, about 5’9" with lean muscles. She has streaks of bright color in her hair that change almost daily. Her style fluctuates between punk/goth and hipster. She’s probably trying too hard to “fit in”.


As a child she wanted to become a performer. Now she wants to bring equality into the world and make a real difference. She will go on and on about in issue as if she can save the world. She thinks all of the solutions are easy, even if others have tried and failed before her. She’s not really willing to listen to others who have more experience or to let them crush her idealism. She’s only recently arrived in Seattle.

She grew up sheltered in a corporate enclave in Vancouver. Her parents harnessed her extra strength and agility through dance. She snuck out one night in her late teens looking for an adventure and stumbled into the middle of an assault. Overcome with the urge to do something, she came to the aide of the victim. Though she saved the victim the night did not end well for her. She was unaware of her true strength and ended up killing the attacker. Though her parents were able to use their influence to keep it under wraps she never really recovered from the event.

She suddenly realized how unequal the world she lived in was. It was all around her and she was unable to ignore it any longer. She started asking around Vancouver and worked her way onto a few runner teams. Her parents could tell something was going on but assumed she was just dealing with the emotions from the assault. In an honest attempt to help her out her parents sent her to university in Seattle. Her parents have asked her uncle to look after her.


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