Machine Sprites who "work" for Ghost


HAL and GLaDOS are little proto-sentient pilot programs who work with Ghost. HAL’s icon is that of a black monoloth while GLaDOS icon appears to be some kind of upside down eyestalk, or perhaps a metehuman figure bound in wires and suspended upside down.


These two sprites usually drive the gun drone, or at least GLaDOS does the driving while HAL operates the weapon turret. It used to be the other way around, but after Ghost’s first run for Joey she decided that GLaDOS was too high strung and that it would be too dangerous for the world as a whole to let it have direct access to a lead spitting weapon.

Ghost can’t seem to get rid of these two for some reason. Any time she compiles a machine sprite the first two she gets are HAL and GLaDOS. She is positive that some higher AI is messing with her by giving her these two all the time.

Personality-wise, GLaDOS likes to act; it wants to do whatever just to see what happens. HAL on the otherhand is as impersonal as they get. It is more than “happy” to dispassionately service a target with a three round burst from its weapon turret. Together these two sprites make up the combat arm of Ghost’s arsenal.


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