Lazy ginger human mage


Upon first glance at Weasel, it would be easy to guess incorrectly at how he had earned himself the name. Tall and lean, with a mass of naturally vibrant ginger hair atop his head, he aptly fits the physical description of the often maligned animal. Or perhaps the scars that cover his upper body tell the true tale of how his name was earned. Both arms are covered in spiraling scars from shoulder to hands, perhaps from spells or runs gone wrong. The right arm, less damaged than the left, is decorated with a full sleeve tattoo to hide the scars, the design following the spiraled, curled patterns that the raised flesh makes. The left, far worse off, is often kept covered regardless of the situation. His day clothes denote his impoverished status, never fitting quite right and generally looking as if he’d found them in a dumpster or taken them from someone else. Any body armor gives a stark contrast, being kept in impeccable condition in the hopes that his investments won’t need to be replaced.


The truth of the matter is that Weasel earned his name for one reason: he can always seem to weasel his way out of tight situations. Even runs where the rest of his party has come up gravely injured or dead, he’s somehow managed to get out alive. He’s in this for the money and nothing else, although he doesn’t mind the fact that in making money he’s hurting the corrupt corps that created the wage gap that landed his family in poverty. That small grudge is on the back burner next to the money from each run, however. He’s the sort of person who likes to take shortcuts, preferring this lifestyle to one of hard honest work. He’s tried that, and it wasn’t for him.


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