Zara Venus

World Famous Rock Star


The Dryad with color shifting hair and a voice of an angel.


Zara Venus is a Goblin rock star. Only coming onto the music scene 4 years ago, her hypnotic voice and versatility to play and sing any genre has made her easily into a celebrity. She’s already recorded four albums. Her debut “2nd Planet” was number 1 the week it came out and stayed there for 14 weeks. That year she won a Grammy for best new artist, Best Rock album of the year, and best rock performance for the song “Troll Stomper”.

Not willing to rest, she followed up with “Behind the Digital Jungle”, A 2 disc rock opera that incorporated elements of industrial and metal into her sound. It was hailed as an ambitious sophomore album that blew away the critics, and shattered all expectations. BtDJ chronicled the influences of her first experiences in the world beyond her forest, her impressions and wonder, and the raw emotions of being torn between two vastly different worlds. After touring and releasing five singles off the album she once again raked in the awards for song of the year, album of the year, best concept album, and once again best performance.

After achieving so much success and not yet satisfied she went back into the studio and released “In the Astral Abyss”, this time coming off more bipolar as the tracks seems go between elation and harmony to despair and chaos and sometimes outright anger. Another round of awards and touring and she was ready to head back to the studio.

Her fourth and current album is the very simply titled “Don’t Panic.” Though the album is still a rock album it’s more coherent then the last one and considered a return to her normal style. She’s just finished a tour of the world and is now settling into her home for some RnR and a few digital concerts and more intimate club shows before returning to the studio.

Zara has been linked to many celebrities romantically but is currently single. it’s been rumored that she has been approached about movie and voice-over roles. Rumors are also circulating that she is contemplating a break from music to recharge her mental energies.

Zara Venus

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