Character Creation

In order to create a character, you’ll need some basics:

  • Access to Shadowrun 5th Edition core rules.
  • Access to any rules supplements you might need (Augmentation, Street Magic, Unwired, etc). Some 4th Edition supplements are acceptable with GM’s guidance and approval.
  • A Catalyst Game Labs character sheet, printed out.
  • A good pencil with enough lead and an eraser.
  • A steaming cup of Soykaf.
  • An appropriate soundtrack.
  • A GM handy to work with. (I mean it. I am a resource for you to use. Ask me questions, ask me for ideas, ask me for help of any kind.)
Create a Concept.

Before any points are allotted, you should first have a character concept in mind. This can be broad or specific; perhaps something as simple as “Elven hacker” or as complex as “an Orc ganger and political activist living in the Orc Underground, using his ill-gotten gains to oppose Humanis Policlub.” Whatever the case, you should have a starting point from which you can begin character generation and allow the character to develop as you progress through the chargen process.

Consult with the GM.

Before you get into the grit and crunch of chargen, speak with the GM about your concept. The GM may have to rule out certain ideas due to incompatibility with the setting. More importantly though, the GM will have valuable advice for you and will help you guide your character’s concept through the chargen process. You’ll never want to miss out on a keen advantage or bit of chrome that you would have missed otherwise.

Answer 20 Questions.

Critical to any Shadowrun character are the famous 20 Questions. By answering these, you will be able to more fully realize your character in game statistics based on the personality and the soul of the fictional person you created. You’ll want to show your responses to the GM prior to moving on to make sure your answers jive with the setting and don’t violate any important canon.

Link to 20 questions is here.

Crunch time.

STOP. Do not continue unless you have completed your 20 Questions!

Armed with a concept, 20 Questions, the GM’s guidance and approval, you’re ready to get into the red meat of chargen: stats. Use the standard 5th Edition chargen, priority tables and all. (Don’t forget that pesky extra Karma that gets earned here and there during the chargen process.) And remember, you haven’t finalized the numbers until the GM okays them.

Update Obsidian Portal.

Find the Characters tab on this campaign’s portal page and fill in as much as you’d like to reveal to the other players, and to the world.

Select a portrait.

Search the web, other modern setting books or art sites, or any other resource you have access to. Find a headshot that works for your character and make sure you stick it onto your character’s Obsidian Portal page.

Andrew’s gallery of cyberpunk-ish art is a great place to start.

Character Creation

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