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Getting Started

Character Creation outlines the steps we’ll take towards creating Shadowrun characters. It also includes links to resources useful to the character creation process.

Helpful Resources has a number of assorted links that lead to bite-sized information about the setting. This is a great place for new players to start, or if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for character creation.

Campaign Resources

Karma Log is the campaign’s official Karma Log. If there’s ever a question of when and where you’ve earned Karma, check here.

House Rules lays out all of the rules of our table and any modifications to the base Shadowrun rules set.

Viewing List contains a list of film and television viewing suggestions that help illustrate the concepts explored in the Shadowrun universe.


Black Siren- ’Runner hangout operated by a former Street Sam.

Dancing Drone!!1one- Toy drone store in Renton.

Dark Star- An upstart club and ’Runner hangout in Everett.

Harmony- Luxury hotel in upscale Bellevue.

Lakepoint Apartments- Working-class apartment complex with a gang problem and a view.

The Well in The Darkness- Mysterious resonance well in the middle of a low-rent flat.

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