How do you define “real”?

In the sixth and digital age, the distinction between the realities of physical and virtual blur further by the day. Men born in the real world can be remade in the virtual. Strings of code become self-aware and attempt to assert their existence outside their digital limitations. Man and machine unified first. Now soul and signal are approaching synthesis.

Dreaming in Digital is a tabletop Shadowrun game (4th edition) currently in session. The overall themes of transhumanism and the distortion of reality through technology are prominent in the ongoing narrative. Our lively cast of characters are diverse and deep. As content is created, it will be added to this Obsidian Portal page to create a permanent record of our story.

Most of our campaign’s activity is in our wiki page. Start there if you’d like to dig in to the campaign. It contains in-depth informational content from character creation to locations, organizations, campaign resources and more as that content is created.

Other features we’ll be using:
Characters currently taking part in our story.
Adventure Log for my running commentary on the campaign’s development and the story narrative.

Dreaming in Digital

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