Kasumi Oshima

Freelance Magic Operative


A quiet, demure woman with a razor sharp wit, Kasumi stands at a tiny five foot two. Her striking auburn hair and amber eyes always catch the attention of those around her.


Kasumi is actually from the old United Kingdoms. She wandered over a few years ago as part of a pilgrimage to see as many facets of the worlds magic as she could. As often happens to young travelers in a foreign country she got herself into trouble with the locals.

Being stuck in Seattle she now plies her trade as a Shadowrunner and does some work on the side for the city as a freelance magical investigator.

In a fight she is calm, cool, cool, collected and knows how to apply her magic to its best effect. Mischievous by nature she sometimes can’t help but meddle in the affairs of others.

Kasumi Oshima

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