a mentor spirit/totem of the Anasazi


Scorpion is the dancer of death. He fears nothing because he can kill any foe. His poison is his strength. It gives Scorpion the power to do as he pleases. Scorpion is invisible in his home. He strikes enemies swiftly and without mercy.

Though neither an insect totem nor a toxic totem, Scorpion is nonetheless a totem for the power-hungry, narcissistic, and egotistical. Followers of Scorpion often exhibit traits of sociopathy and anti-social behavior. Scorpion is a remorseless killer and likewise his followers tend to live by a flexible moral code, if any at all. The Scorpion totem itself doesn’t grant any extraordinary power compared to other predator totems. Rather, it’s the Scorpion’s lack of empathy and remorselessness in harming or killing others that gives Scorpion its notorious reputation in shamanic culture.


All: +2 dice to Chemistry Tests
Magician: +2 dice for Combat or Illusion spells, preparations, and rituals. (choose one)
Adept: Gain the Nerve Strike power

Scorpion is photophobic, preferring to hunt in darkness. You get the Allergy (sunlight, mild) quality (no bonus Karma for this negative quality).


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