House Rules

The proceeding general house/table rules and optional Shadowrun 5 rules will be in effect during the Dreaming in Digital game. They are subject to change at any time, but if they do they will be recorded here.

General House Rules

Rewarding Effort

I reward extra effort. If you create something that adds to the game (for examples: an NPC, and organization profile, a campaign map, an adventure log, a character sketch, etc) I reward that with hard Karma, and sometimes with additional in-game benefits. Creativity is the cherished treasure of storytelling, and you’re all as much a part of this story as I am. So when you add to it, I will reward that.


Even though Shadowrunners are useful as off-the-grid “deniable assets” and thrive on anonymity, they still have their own underground community. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has this one chummer. At the end of the day Shadowruners are contractors, and contractors sometimes subcontract.

Any player is allowed to build alternate PCs to use as “subcontrators” during runs. These alternate Shadowrunners can be friends, partners from previous runs, or just someone they’ve heard about through the grapevine. The primary PC bows out for the run and recommends the alternate PC instead.

If the run is successful, the alternate PC gains all the monetary, material, Karma and other awards from the run. Additionally, the player may choose to have one (1) of the awarded Karma go to his primary PC instead, as a “referral fee”. If the run gets pooched, however, the primary PC gets nothing (and might get a scratch of bad rep for referring a schmuck for the job).


PCs may donate ¥2,000 before or after a run to gain one (1) Karma. It must be a truly selfless and worthy cause, and it cannot in any way result in any kind of return (goods or services) outside of a “thank you”. It also cannot be a gift to a contact (nice try), a bribe, or anything else that might influence someone to act in a certain way. Only a truly selfless act will be rewarded with good Karma.

“Pass-Around” Storytelling

Everyone has a story to tell. Somewhere, locked in your brain, is a great ’Run idea waiting to happen. At my table, I give all my players the opportunity take on the role of Storyteller and guide their fellow players through their imaginations.

If you have a run idea, pitch me the basics and the payoff (particularly the Karma awards). I’ll do my best to fit in an opportunity for you to host a session or two and run your ‘Run. As a reward, your character will get the maximum possible Karma award for the run. That way your character doesn’t get left behind, and at the same time your poor beleaguered GM gets a chance to roll some dice and shoot a bad guy or three.

Shadowrun Optional Rules

I’m carrying over the 4a rule of being able to permanently burn an Edge point in order to let a character survive by the skin of his or her teeth.

House Rules

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